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Artificial intelligence will create quality text and visual content for your social networks, blog, ads, web, and much more in seconds!

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What is Tadeo?

An AI marketing assistant that works 24/7, never sleeps, never complains, and creates quality content in seconds

Templates that create quality text content for your social networks, ads, blog, emails, web, ebooks...

Just answer 1-3 questions, click the button and artificial intelligence will create unique content in 60 seconds.

We have templates for you to generate emails, blog articles, social media posts, texts for ads, ideas and scenarios for videos, catchy headlines, and much more.

You no longer have to spend hours creating content for your business. Artificial intelligence will do it for you in a minute.

Tadeo Chat - Your universal assistant that will answer any question.

Get fast and accurate answers from AI to anything that interests you.

Do you need to write a book, write an email to a customer, create a spreadsheet, plan a vacation, write an essay for school, or are you interested in how quantum physics works?

Tadeo can answer any question and create exactly what you need in seconds.

Turn any text into impressive images in seconds with AI.

Do you need a picture for your social networks, website or advertising?

In Tadeo you will find 4 different AI models that will use artificial intelligence to create unique images according to your specifications… with just one click.

All images are fully copyrighted and can be freely used for commercial purposes.

Tadeo Vision - Nejpokročilejší AI model pro generování obrázku, které berou dech!

(Koukněte na pár příkladů toho, co v Tadeo vygenerovali naši zákazníci)

Tadeo will help you...

Create original content optimized for SEO

Create rich and unique blog articles that are rich in keywords and help you drive traffic to your site.

Increase paid ad conversion with quality sales text

Artificial intelligence will write quality sales texts for you faster than any copywriter. This allows you to quickly and easily identify multiple ad text variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.

Save time and increase productivity

Save hours of time creating and writing content with the best AI software that's 50× faster than humans.

Create viral videos for Tiktok, Youtube, or Instagram

Describe your topic or who your target customer is and Tadeo will generate ideas and scenarios for your videos in 60 seconds.

Write engaging social media posts

No more thinking about what to write for your photo or video. Artificial intelligence will write it for you.

Save money

Save money by leaving out expensive freelancers and agencies. Instead, you use technology that is 20 times cheaper than humans and works for you 24 hours a day.

Write professional and personal emails

Do you need to reply to an email and lack inspiration? Or do you want to write a sales email to your customers? Tadeo will write all your emails for you in seconds.

Create books, ebooks, online courses, or webinars.

Want to create unique educational content? Just describe in detail what you want and artificial intelligence on will help you with everything.

Create content 10x faster to increase followers, site visitors and customers.

You no longer have to spend hours thinking about the perfect idea or spending hours writing and editing to create quality content. Tadeo will do it all for you in a minute.

Who is Tadeo perfect for?


No matter your industry, AI can help you quickly create quality content to increase your reach, website traffic and number of clients.


Tadeo helps you increase conversions in ads, social media, websites and emails.

Agencies / Freelancers

Tadeo helps you increase conversions in ads, social media, websites and emails.


Create content 10x faster than any human and gain more followers on social media.


Whether you are a real estate agent, financial advisor or consultant... Tadeo will help you with your content and promote your services.

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Create content 10x faster with AI

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Do you have a question? Here is the answer.

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That’s a good question! ChatGPT and similar tools are great for general and factual queries. Tadeo, on the other hand, specifically focuses on creating marketing and sales texts. We use several AI models (including GPT4), which we further modify and train to create better texts than 90% of copywriters in the world. With Tadeo, you have more than 30+ different templates that will create quality text content such as emails, blog posts, Facebook ads, social media posts and much more. In addition, it is fully in Czech and Slovak.

But that’s not the only difference! In Deep, unlike ChatGPT, you can generate unique images and graphics using AI. We have 4 different models and especially TADEO VISION is the most advanced model for image generation that you can find in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are also preparing additional features (text to voice conversion, video creation using AI, integration with social networks, and more – let yourself be surprised)

You don’t have to pay anything in advance, you just need to enter your payment details to activate your 5-day trial period. Why? Unfortunately, when we had Deeply on a free trial without entering payment information, a lot of people abused it. You’ll need to enter your payment information so that no one creates free accounts over and over again.

Anyway, you can cancel your account directly in the app at any time (you don’t have to talk to anyone and it takes 20 seconds). Of course, if you cancel your account within the first 5 trial days, you will not be charged. Plus, your data is safe. You do not enter them on our site, but directly in the payment gateway STRIPE, which is one of the largest and safest payment gateways in the world and is used by large companies such as Amazon, Apple, or Aliexpress.

Every text and image is uniquely generated by artificial intelligence. This means that it did not exist before and you have full copyright to it. So you can freely use the text and images for commercial purposes.

YES – Tadeo fully supports Spanish, Mexican Spanish, and US Spanish languages.

All AI models that we use in Deeply are programmed to generate unique outputs even with the same input. You don’t have to worry about someone else having exactly the same text or image.

No, Deeply can write lyrics so well that you can’t tell they weren’t written by a human. In addition, you do not have to worry that the text would be without personality or emotions. Deeply is very good at capturing the emotions of your ideal customers and writing a quality text that competes with even the best copywriters with years of experience.

Not at all! Deeply is a web-based application, so you do not need to install any special software or application. All you need is an internet connection and an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari. In addition, Deeply is extremely easy to use and can easily handle even a 10-year-old child.

Naturally! You can write us an email at any time on or call us at +420 736 468 802 and we will be happy to advise you from Monday to Friday between 9h-17h.

What are 1,000+ happy customers saying about Tadeo?

Our vision is to help entrepreneurs create quality content 10x faster using artificial intelligence, saving them a lot of time and money. We look forward to seeing what you create with Tadeo!

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Stop spending so much time writing blog articles, social media posts, emails, or sales texts... Tadeo will write it all for you.

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